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Hello fellow players, we hope you’ve been well through the recent couple years. For those who were or have been supporting us we greatly appreciate it. Even before the last article, besides dealing with our day jobs, a newborn (congrats again Aaron), and that whole global pandemic, things got a bit busy and chaotic.

Clearly this endeavour picked a great time to launch. We’re coming back though. I’ve been continuing content as I had before via Instagram but we’ve also been building up a Discord so keep an eye on us there as well.

Card Name: Command Beacon. Mana Cost: . Card Oracle Text: {T}: Add {C}.{T}, Sacrifice Command Beacon: Put your commander into your hand from the command zone.

Our Content

I’d like to go over this because while we started with a lot of ideas and we’d like to focus our scope. The main thing is the Deck List articles because they’re really what we want to show. I want to share decks that highlight the high powered synergy potential some commanders to hopefully inspire your own builds. The descriptions and breakdowns may vary but if it sparks any ideas then I’ve achieved my goal

There were some Combo posts which I want to continue adding to, especially in regards to commonly seen combos. While there are numerous potential fringe situations during a games board state knowing the core of a combo will always help to be able to play it through or counter when playing against it.

Lastly our Articles which is a catch-all category but we have a number of plans. The main thing is to enjoy ourselves both writer and readers. We’ve done a lot of top card lists so far but it’s easy to go on a rant about so many things in Magic. From our favorite pet cards and why to play them to some heavier topics regarding perhaps certain product distributions and decisions. I’ve gotten a lot of suggestions from people and I’m always open for more. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so don’t be shy and send us some ideas you may want to see

What Next?

We haven’t been just twiddling our thumbs and shuffling cards all this time. For our return we’ve updated the site layouts on our and will be continuing to make improvements. There’s some upgrades and other functions that you may notice but a ton in the background you won’t.

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I never stopped building decks during this time either so I will be populating those starting from recent sets and build. There’s definitely all sorts of decks I’ve built for the sake of running certain cards or combos though so those will be up as well, typically with an explanation written up too.

For those still reading this again, thank you for all your support, it really keeps us going. We love this game and it’s great to share it with everyone. If you feel like sharing your deck reach out to us via the Contact page. If you want to talk Magic with us our Discord is always open. Happy shuffling folks.

Article by Cascade.Cascade

The editor-in-chief and creator of Command Beacon. They started playing Magic during the Scars of Mirrodin block and hasn’t been able to stop since.



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