Picture of Magic the Gathering Card: Mission Briefing

Our Goal

Command Beacon was created from the passion for Magic: The Gathering of its founders. As avid players of the Commander format, they noticed a missing resource online. There was no central place for the Commander format to learn how to further your skills.

Skills from playing Magic’s other formats generally translate to gameplay ability, but there were many nuance situations that you only run into with Commander. This 40 life, 100 card singleton format is by far the most popular casual multiplayer format in the game.

Thus comes Command Beacon: your hub for gameplay tips, deck ideas, and a shared passion for Magic. We hope to give people a place not only to improve the way they play but somewhere they can send their friends to learn the quirky format that is Commander.

Our Focus

Produce high quality Magic content.

Be a resource for people to improve gameplay.

Introduce players to Commander Format.

Stay passionate about the game.

Play lots of Magic.