Yawgmoth, Thran Physician 2022

Published November 4th, 2022

Commander (1)

Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

Lands (34)

Swamp x6
Snow-Covered Swamp x10
Urza’s Saga
Ancient Tomb
Bloodstained Mire
Bojuka Bog
Cabal Coffers
Cavern of Souls
Deserted Temple
Fabled Passage
Field of the Dead
Karn’s Bastion
Marsh Flats
Myriad Landscape
Polluted Delta
Terrain Generator
Verdant Catacombs
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
Phyrexian Tower
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Artifacts (15)

Aetherflux Reservoir
Arcane Signet
Ashnod’s Altar
Caged Sun
Expedition Map
Jet Medallion
Mana Crypt
Mana Vault
Sensei’s Divining Top
Sol Ring
Nim Deathmantle
Sword of Feast and Famine
Bolas’s Citadel
Whip of Erebos

Enchantments (9)

Bastion of Remembrance
Dictate of Erebos
Nest of Scarabs
Animate Dead
Dance of the Dead
The Eldest Reborn
Oath of Liliana

Instants (4)

Dark Ritual
Liliana’s Triumph
Vampiric Tutor

Sorceries (8)

Black Sun’s Zenith
Buried Alive
Command the Dreadhorde
Demonic Tutor
Toxic Deluge

Connect with people that eat, sleep and dream commanderYou've been invited to joinCommand Beacon DiscordJoin NowPlaneswalkers (6)

Liliana Vess
Liliana of the Dark Realms
Liliana of the Veil
Liliana, Death’s Majesty
Liliana, Dreadhorde General
Ugin, the Ineffable

//Creatures (23)

Dauthi Voidwalker
Rune-Scarred Demon
Grave Titan
Woe Strider
Opposition Agent
Zulaport Cutthroat
Disciple of Bolas
Dread Presence
Massacre Wurm
Reassembling Skeleton
Crypt Ghast
Blood Artist
Pawn of Ulamog
Geralf’s Messenger
Gray Merchant of Asphodel
Westvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince
Kokusho, the Evening Star
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
Sidisi, Undead Vizier

Article by Cascade.Cascade

The editor-in-chief and creator of Command Beacon. They started playing Magic during the Scars of Mirrodin block and hasn’t been able to stop since.

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